A group that creates culture through architecture

by YoSato RyoheiBaba HikomaruWada


 We are an architectural design firm aiming to construct a diverse range of cultures through our designs.

With the vision of “Make Culture”, we strive to build sincere architecture by engaging in dialogue with our clients, social issues, and the history and culture of the site.

In designing, we observe various environments and cultures surrounding the project in a cross-cutting manner, and by tracing back to the essential proposition, we propose straightforward ideas suitable for the situation.

We believe that the resulting space wrapped in culture will be unconsciously comfortable and universally beautiful.


“We strive to understand traditional culture, cultivate cultures as contemporary mode of behavior,  and predict future culture.”




「Make Culture」をビジョンに掲げ、クライアント・社会的な課題・土地の歴史や文化と対話を重ね、誠実な建築の構築を目指します。




” 培われてきた伝統文化を理解し、現代の行動様式としての文化を耕し、これから先の文化を創出します。”